AI for Berlin

Workshop kick-off for an event series on city & Artificial Intelligence

12.11.2019, 5-9 pm, CityLAB Berlin Event space

Everybody’s talking about AI, and rightly so – the technology’s potential is enormous. Particularly in the business world, we’re seeing more and more examples of this: AI is able to drive cars autonomously, speak like a human being, win against the best poker players in the world, and find cancer cells faster than a doctor. But where is the AI for our city of Berlin?

An AI that ensures greater sustainability, improves urban climate, waters our trees, optimizes cycle paths, reduces fine dust – does this AI exist? Let’s look for it, or, even better, let’s develop it together!

Together with our partner Birds on Mars, we’re starting our workshop series “AI for Berlin” on Nov. 12, and we’re hoping you’ll join us! The 4-hour kick-off session starts with idea generation and conception. As is so often the case, the field of AI is missing creative ideas! We want to develop them together and generate a great foundation for the future working sessions of this ongoing series.

Good ideas need to not just be conceived of but also implemented, and this no less true here. In the subsequent sessions, we’ll select individual ideas as a group and then form interdisciplinary teams in which we’ll implement our prototypes. Through this work, we’ll be able to initiate more comprehensive and sustainable projects for our city.

Regardless of whether you already have a concrete idea you’d like to contribute, are in love with Python programming, or you simply want to have an opportunity to experience the cutting edge of urban innovation – all you need for the first session is your human intelligence.

Come by and join us in the collective search and development of AI for Berlin.

The Event will be held in Englisch and German.

More information

CityLAB & Birds on Mars
12.11.2019, 5-9 pm
Platz der Luftbrücke 4, Gebäude H2rund, 12101 Berlin

Free entry with a registration