Shaping Berlin's
future together.

Our Mission

The CityLAB is an experimental laboratory for the city of the future. Here, representatives from government, civil society, academia and start-ups collaboratively develop new ideas for how to both ensure and enhance the livability of Berlin as a city. The CityLAB combines elements of a digital workshop, a co-working space and event space into a single location where participation and innovation are jointly pursued. We see digitalization as an opportunity to re-think existing processes, dismantle social barriers and create new forms of civic participation.

The CityLAB is not a single, finalized concept. Rather, it's a dynamic experiment intended to be continuously developed and re-imagined.

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We use agile methods and rapid prototyping to shorten the time from the initial idea to implementation and find solutions that meet users' needs.


We work together in co-creation processes and offer a variety of opportunities for Berliners to get involved.


We promote open data, software and standards and support the vision of "technological sovereignty" of cities.

The mobility
of tomorrow

From bikes to flying taxis and hyperloops to home office – cities provide fertile ground for exploring how we move. How can we help design the mobility of the future?



Birth certificates via Whatsapp and child-care allowances per cryptocurrencies – is that even thinkable? We explore what government services look like when they put citizen needs first.


Smart Cities
for all

Building bridges over digital gulfs: how can we build a city so smart that it empowers all citizens, not just a select few?


Open data,
open cities

Between a black box or citizens laid bare: How can we protect personal information while simultaneously ensuring transparency in government data and algorithms?


Energy and

Upcycling, the circular economy and intelligent networks – we’re researching paths toward a climate-neutral, healthy Berlin


Project Funding

We are excited to be able to offer funding of up to 50.000€ to selected projects which are focused on the topics of civic tech, digitization of government, social innovation, and smart cities.

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Open Call

You've got an idea for how you'd design a better city using CityLAB resources? Join in and let us know your ideas!

Would you like to ...

  • present a project idea and think it through together with us?
  • hold a Meetup, Workshop or Event with us?
  • use our workshop or temporarily a permanent co-working place with us?
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The team

Nadine Riede

Head of Content & Events


Sara Reichert

Workshop Lead


Malgorzata Magdon